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Advantages To Buying


There are many significant advantages to buying an existing business or customer base:

ESTABLISHED CUSTOMERS - You get an existing customer base that will grow through referrals from satisfied customers.

IMMEDIATE RECURRING CASH FLOW - Income is yours the first day you take over.  A minimal amount of working capital is required to continue the business.

LOW START-UP  and OVERHEAD COSTS -  Other than the initial purchase of the route, you can expect to pay $500 or less for the basic equipment and chemicals to get started.  A majority of pool service companies are run from a home office, avoiding the expense of leasing a physical location and offering higher net profits.

SMALL LEARNING CURVE and SELLER TRAINING - The seller will train you in how they have been servicing the pool accounts and familiarize you with equipment so you understand the customers' expectations.  They can also share their method operating the business so you benefit from their experience.  You will be introduced to suppliers and customers when available.

TRAINED EMPLOYEES IN PLACE - When purchasing larger routes, trained employees are in place the day you take over the business.  There is no cost for training new employees and no dissatisfied customers.

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