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What To Look For

It is the opinion, or past experience, of most business buyers that what is important to review are the “standard documents” i.e.: tax returns, P&L’s, balance sheets, etc.  This holds true when you are buying most “traditional” businesses, but is not typical in the pool service industry.  Why do you ask?  It depends.  Many times, pool service professionals chose to sell off only a portion of their business for various reasons; therefore, these documents would not paint a true picture of the portion you are looking to purchase. 

In addition, these documents only provide evidence of the financials at that point in time.  For example, what if the seller sold half of their business since the processing of these documents, or what if they had a stellar year advertising and doubled the size of their route?  These documents would not present an accurate picture of the current state of the route/business being sold. 

In order to understand where the business is at the time of the purchase, the following comprise a list of documents you should request to review:

Complete Customer List:  This will show the customer base you are purchasing is in the area you desire.

Payment History (aka ledger cards):  This will show you how much the customers are being billed and their consistency of timely payments.

Route Radius and your Proximity to the RouteMany good routes will have a large radius over all, because it allows you to expand your route.  However, the daily route radius should be approx 5-7 miles to reduce travel time and expense, while allowing you to service more pools per day and maximize your income.  For example, think in terms of an "X", where your home sits in the middle where the two lines cross. Each day per week you drive to one of the end points and once you get there, your pools should be within the suggested daily route radius.  

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